Sigrid Schmidt

Sigrid Schmidt, Vice President, Sport director

My name is Sigrid Schmidt.

I come from Berlin, Germany. I am a nurse and a graduate of Bachelor professional of Healthcare- and Socialsystems.

My love belongs to the Dutch Shepherd Dog.

I have owned Dutch Shepherds since 2002 and have been doing dog sports for more than 20 years. At the moment I own two Dutchies. My male dog is called “Samurai de las Flores”. He is 10 years old and enjoying his retirement. With Samurai I have competed several times at the WSDF World Championship IPO. On the Hollandcup 2016 we reached the third place.

With my bitch Holland Xaria van le Dobry (3 years) I initially trained IGP but due to personal circumstances, we switched to agility. This sport is a lot of fun for us and as a real all-rounder Xaria is also very talented in it.

I have been involved with the WDSF since its inception. At the moment I am 2nd chairwoman and sport director.

For me it is very important to show the world that the Dutch Shepherd is a really good working and sporting dog and a reliable companion in many different service fields.

The greatest reward for my work is to see the many athletes with their great dogs at the annual WDSF World Championships, to give them the opportunity to compete in sports and to make friends. Each of these World Championships is a wonderful experience for me and gives me unforgettable moments.

For this I am not only grateful to my colleagues on the board, but also to all the sportsmen who show their Dutch Shepherds at these events with patience, diligence and love.

Sigrid Schmidt