Dennis La France

Dennis La France, President

My name is Dennis La France, and I am from the USA.
I have 10 years experience as a Schutzhund handler, trainer and helper and 7 years experience as a French Ring handler and trainer. In between my Schutzhund career and Ring career I trained with our local K9 officers. 

It was then that I saw my first Dutch Shepherd work. Although I had heard a lot about them I had not seen one in person. I was so impressed with the power and agility I decided a short time later that this was the breed I wanted to work with. 

French Ring is the current sport that I train and compete in. I chose French Ring because like a Schutzhund, it is a very good tool to help evaluate a dogs working ability. I am working two dogs at the moment. One at the Ring 2 level and I have just started my young female, we plan to compete next spring. My partner (Scott Beebe) and I breed and train our dogs through Hop River Shepherds and Renaissance Ring Club. We provide dogs for our club and select working homes. We have produced dogs that compete in French Ring, PSA, and IGP, as well as certified service dogs, search and rescue dogs, and Police K9’s. 

My passion is researching bloodlines and creating combinations that produce solid working companions. Dogs that have the ability to excel in any sport or job that they are given. Although I enjoy competing, it’s training and the process of teaching that I enjoy the most. Nothing is more rewarding than to see a dog execute and be successful with the training you have provided. 

The WDSF has done a wonderful job promoting the working Dutchie all while maintaining the breed standard. I would love to see the organization expand to include other disciplines such as herding, French Ring, and PSA to help promote the breed standard and ethical breeding practices in those organizations.

Dennis La France