Melinda Fekken- de Kleijn

Melinda Fekken- de Kleijn, Secretary

My name is Melinda Fekken- de Kleijn and I have Dutch Shepherds since 2003. First I started with man trailing, but in 2007 my first IPO (IGP)-dog entered the house: Holland Gandor v. Le Dobry. He made me become addicted to this sport.

Now 15 years later, the 4th Le Dobry is part of our pack and during the years that I was allowed to participate in training sessions, competitions and being part of the ‘Dutch Family’, it has ensured that this hobby has become a real passion.

Although I am active in IGP sport myself, I can also enjoy the performance of handlers in other sports. It doesn’t matter to me which part you practice, as long as you have fun with your dog and work together to the ultimate goal: just enjoy the time you have together, with trust and passion for the both of you.

In 2014 I was part of the foundation of the WDSF and since the start I have been secretary of this beautiful federation. In recent years, many steps have been taken to give the Dutch Shepherd a basis for an annual event with four sports, in which many handlers can indulge themselves and compete with like-minded people.

The foundation has now been laid with a very solid federation for world championships for various sports and of course we as WDSF board continue to innovate and strive for an even more successful future.

Thank you to all participants, WDSF members and sponsors who help us grow the WDSF every year. I hope we are able to share many more wonderful sporting years together.

Melinda Fekken- de Kleijn