Ruud Peters

Ruud Peters, Treasurer

My name is Ruud Peters and I am from The Netherlands.

I started with dog sport on the age of 15, at the Dutch German Shepherd Federation (VDH in The Netherlands). I brought a dog to his VH3 (IGP) as a youth member and then stopped the sport for a number of years, but I picked up the sport again on my 27th (blood crawls where it can’t go).

After having trained three German Shepherds (together with the people around me) I had participated on various competitions and twice the Dutch Championship German Shepherds. The best result of which was an 8th place and selection World Cup. But unfortunately, due to an injury of the dog, I had to drop out early.

Seven years ago, I met my current wife Willy Gerkes and thanks to her, I came into contact with the Dutch Shepherd. I have been a coach of the WDSF Team NL for 2 years (the second year I did this with my wife) and last year I would have participated in the WDSF World Championship with my Dutch Shepherd ‘Holland Rebel v. Le Dobry’, but unfortunately this WDSF WC 2020 was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic.

Unfortunately, Rebel is no longer active in the sport due to a shoulder injury, but at the moment I am training again with a young Dutch Shepherd named ‘Ike van de Dongesehoeve’ and I hope that we will a lot achieve together, but above all can enjoy our training sessions.

Since 2021 I am aspirant board member of the NHC (the Dutch breed club). And since 2021 I’m also the board member of the WDSF as treasurer.

Ruud Peters