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Location: HV Eureka Bree,
Wijshagerstraat 2 – 3960 Bree

Date: 19/20/21 April 2019

Website: https://wc-wdsf-2019-europe.eu/wc-mondioring
Email: mondioring@wc-wdsf-2019-europe.eu

We are looking foreward to see you there !!!

The first event of the WDSF is a fact, the World Cup Mondioring took place last weekend. The WDSF was warmly welcomed by our newest member HV Eureka in Bree, Belgium.  For the second time Mondioring was held as an event under the WDSF. Despite the smaller number of participants there was a fight in cat. 1, 2 and 3. Unfortunately only one participant in cat. 3 was present this year, but that doesn’t mean that you could become World Cup winner just like that. The exercises were not easy, the heat played tricks, the explanation gave us an insight into the sport and the respect for the sport and the dog became bigger and bigger. 

The dog is expected a lot in this sport, drive change, self-sufficiency, independence, both nose, obedience and courage as well as fighting spirit and endurance are on the program.

The judge Jos Helsen clearly showed what he expected from the handlers, decoys and helpers, during the white dog he adjusted the performance, if it did not run as he wanted it to. Respect for the people who practice this sport together, the attributes that are needed and the unexpected element that comes into play in the sport.

The opening ceremony was chosen with appropriate music to the theme, despite the 10 participants it is an honor to be allowed to intercede for your country. Athletes from 5 countries took part in this event. After the opening ceremony with the introduction of the judges, the teams and the delegates of the WDSF board, the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly.

After the celebration the WDSF board retired and it was time for the general assembly. A report will follow as soon as possible. In which some important changes were made for 2020.

On Saturday morning at 10 am the starting signal was given and the three participants for Cat. 1 register at the white dog. The program was demonstrated and the participants were well informed. I think many people underestimate what a dog has to do here. We congratulate Nadine Schöfer with Jiga du Blason a Croix d’Argent WDSF World Cup Winner 2019 Cat. 1.

After that there was a competition in cat. 2, countries like France, Hungary, Italy, Germany competed in this category. In this category Andre Schöfer and Spezna’s WDSF World Cup 2019 won the Cat.2.

In the afternoon the host country Belgium had to start again. Kathleen Kums with Kees, a dog that has already competed 60 times and will enjoy his retirement after this competition. What better way to end your career as a WDSF World Cup winner? But that wasn’t easy, some mistakes that cost a lot of points were made, but still enough points. 

Kathleen Kums with Kees is the new WDSF Mondioring Worldcup winner.

After the competition there was again the closing ceremony, the prizes were awarded, all participants were thanked for their presence and for all the time they put into their dog. There was a nice present for all of them and nobody went home empty-handed. Judge Jos Helsen and the Decoys Mario Verleene and Renotte Laurent were thanked and of course all volunteers and sponsors who made this event a great success.

After the award ceremony it was time for the physical well-being and ended with a delicious BBQ. The WDSF thanks the HV Eureka, but especially Jean Lobbinge and Kathleen Kums for their commitment and organisation.

That was weekend 1, next weekend we will go to Germany, where the Worldcups Agility and Obedience will take place. The Hollandse Herder Sportverein is a guest at HSV Thanheim. There are no less than 29 teams in Agility and 21 teams in Obedience from 9 different countries. From this side I wish the organizing team of our new member The HHSV, Dutch Shepherd Sport Club, the judges, the volunteers much success, because the participants show what they have practiced and have fun with your dog. Our Dutch Shepherd is a versatile sport dog of which we can be proud.

If you want to visit us, the address is:
Innere Steigen 2
72406 Bisingen / Germany

Unfortunately I can’t follow this event as I will already be at the WDSF World Championship IGP 2019 in America.

I wish everyone a lot of fun at our events.

Jose Stienstra

President WDSF

The Winners

Cat 1:
1st place Nadine Schöfer Germany Jiga 180 Pts
2nd place Christina Marra Italy Morgane 175 Pts
3rd place Kathleen Kums Belgium Pipo 170 Pts

Cat 2:
1st place Andre Schöfer Germany Speznaz 276,5 Pts
2nd place Kevin Peitz Germany Tara 271,5 Pts
3rd place Sara da Silva Italy Izra 271 Pts

Cat 3:
1st place Kathleen Kums Belgium Kees 318 Pts