World Championship 2017, Germany

This was an amazing event! The 2017 WDSF Dutch Shepherd World Championship was the biggest event the Dutch Shepherd family has seen. For the first time […]

Triple sporty highlight in 2016!

As is known, in 2014 the World Dutch Shepherd Federation (WDSF) was established as a partnership to promote dogsport with the Dutch Shepherd. The first event […]

Cooperation Agreement with the FCI

After several months of consultation, we have finally a Cooperation Agreement with the FCI. We have signed this agreement on August the 10th and this week […]


19.07.2015 Der erste E-mail-Newsletter wurde an die Mitglieder versandt. Sollten Sie diesen nicht erhalten haben, informieren Sie uns bitte. Wir hoffen, Sie vierteljährlich mit diesem Newsletter […]

Cooperation agreement between the FCI and the WDSF

It’s finally here, the committees of the FCI have agreed to a cooperation agreement with the WDSF. We could hardly believe it when at last came […]

Suggestions for the WDSF

After the great World Championship IPO in Falkenberg / Sweden there are some countries who will start a Dutch Shepherd Breeding Club and they need help […]

Words of appreciation

As the president of the WDSF I would like to thank Lars Czylwik and his team, for this great event! It was a marvelous time here […]

New member – Greece

We will welcome the Greece Dutch Shepherd Club, KOOΠΕ, as a member of the WDSF. Welcome!

Multiannual planning WDSF World Championship

WDSF World Championship IPO host: 2016: Czech Republic; KCHMPP 2017: Germany; HSCD 2018: Spain; CEPPH 2019: Switzerland; Schweizerischer Club für Holländische Schäferhunde