Multiannual planning WDSF World Championship

WDSF World Championship IPO host: 2016: Czech Republic; KCHMPP 2017: Germany; HSCD 2018: Spain; CEPPH 2019: Switzerland; Schweizerischer Club für Holländische Schäferhunde

Results WDSF World Championship IPO 2015

The results of the WDSF World Championship IPO 2015 can be found on this page. See also:

New member

Welcome Germany (, as a new member of the WDSF.

Cooperation with the FCI

On 23 March we asked a cooperation agreement between the Federation Cynoloqique Internationale (FCI) and the World Association for the Dutch Shepherd, the WDSF. We hope […]

New website

Welcome to the website of the World Dutch Shepherd Federation (WDSF). The WDSF aims to join the FCI as an associate member. All championships organized by […]